Mardi Gras Mambo Acan


Genus: Acanthastrea
Acanthastrea echinata
Color: Purple, Green, Yellow

Coral Care

Feeding: None - Photosynthetic
Lighting: Medium
Flow: Medium
Photo courtesy of: Reeffarmers


The primary colors of the Mardi Gras Mambo are purple, green, golden/orange and silver. That is quite a unique color combination for an Acanthastrea echinata coral. The surface can develop a primarily purple coloration that can contain splotches of a silver blue pigment. The surface itself is covered with bumps that can develop golden yellow pigment on their tops. In some cases these bumps can align into golden yellow rays. The corallites themselves contain bright orange in their center that can be mixed with green and covered with the silver blue splotches. These splotches can also appear to be colored pinkish cream in some corallites. The corals mouths are edged in green and the corallites themselves are surrounded by a thick bright green ring. Photo and text courtesy of Reeffarmers.