MIMF Hammer Coral


Genus: Euphyllia
MIMF Hammer Coral
Color: Pink

Coral Care

Feeding: None - Photosynthetic
Lighting: High-Med
Flow: Medium
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The MIMF Hammer Coral is a branching large polyp stony coral. The name is derived from the hammer shape of the tentacles that protrude far from it’s skeleton. The large fleshy polyps sway back and forth with the current. Overall coral is pinkish colored but this depends greatly on the type of light it is under. This coral is similar to other Euphylliids in terms of temperament and can be aggressive with long flowing sweeper tentacles. Unlike many cultured LPS corals on the market, the MIMF Hammer Coral is truly aquacultured. This strain has been in culture for years, it is not just clipped off the reef and glued down.