ORA Gecko Green

Coral Type: SPS

Scientific Name: Acropora
Genus: Acropora
Color: Yellow/green with red polyps
Feeding: None - Photosynthetic
Flow: Medium
Lighting: Medium
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The ORA Gecko Green Acro is a staghorn type Acropora which grows irregularly spaced, twisted branches with prominent corallites. The tissue color is light yellow-green on the branches and darker green at the base. Small reddish polyps dot the entire coral, but don’t extend past the lip of the corallites. In photographs the Gecko Green Acro appears similar to the ORA Green Velvet Acro, but it differs by having more pronounced, rounded corallites, different colored polyps and an overall thinner appearance. We notice best coloration with this coral in lower light levels and we would recommend this as a great beginner coral. The ORA Gecko Green Acro is a great coral for filling in lower levels of large reef tanks where high light demanding Acroporas would perish.

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