Goniopora sp.
Name: RG Green Astroturf Goniopora
Genus: Goniopora
Type: LPS

Photo Courtesy of: Reef Gen
Color: Green
Feeding: None - Photosynthetic
Flow: Medium
Lighting: Medium

Justin’s Green Astroturf Goniopora stutchburyi is probably the hardiest and fastest growing Goniopora we have. It provides a lush low-lying garden of short green polyps that will encrust over substrate. Justin’s Green Astroturf Goniopora stutchburyi has been carefully cultured in captivity for many years. It is consequently a very hardy and adaptable Goniopora that will grow and flourish without a doubt. Wild Gonioporas often contain boring nuisance microfauna that weaken it, but our Gonioporas haven’t had a scrap of wild tissue in them for many generations.

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