Somewhere Over the Rainbow Millepora


Genus: Acropora
Acropora millepora
Color: Purple, Blue, Green

Coral Care

Feeding: None - Photosynthetic
Lighting: High
Flow: High
Photo courtesy of: Reeffarmers


Over the years we have seen many different color morphs and a few of these have been made Limited Edition corals. The new Somewhere Over the Rainbow Millepora (SOTRM) however has the most incredible rainbow mix of pigments that we have seen. The surface of the coral includes the following pigments (orange, red, purple, green and blue). Polyps are red with an extended white tentacle. Corallites are edged red that varies to purple and then green branch stems. New branch stems are blue, while new axial growth tips are purple. In some areas of the base the red pigments mix with the green pigments to develop an orange coloration. Photo and text courtesy of Reeffarmers.