Wow Factor Acropora


Genus: Acropora
Acropora sp.
Color: Yellow, Green, Purple

Coral Care

Feeding: None - Photosynthetic
Lighting: High
Flow: High
Photo courtesy of: Reeffarmers


The Wow Factor Acropora can develop some dramatic two tone pigmentation as can be seen in the original colony image above. This is an Australian Acropora with smooth branches and slightly elongated corallites that are also slightly rounded. In its two tone coloration, branch stems are deep green, while elongated corallites are edged with blue. This blue pigmentation can extend half way down the sides of the elongated corallites. Reeffarmers believes that this coral can turn solid blue in strong light, while moderate light might be a better environment to develop the green branch stems and blue tips. In bright light polyps can turn blue. Photo and text courtesy of Reeffarmers.