Achilles Tang

Fish Type: Tangs

Scientific Name: Acanthurus achilles


Color: black, orange
Aggressiveness: Caution Needed
Diet: Herbivore
Max Size: 10"
Minimum Tank Size: 180 gal
Relative Care: Experts Only
Photo Courtesy of Pieces of the Ocean

An Achilles tang is very tough to keep. They don’t usually ship very well, are very hyper, and get stressed out quite easily. They’re also very prone to getting ich and usually don’t do well with treatments of copper or in quarantine tanks. They do get fairly large and because they stress out so easily, they should only be placed in large tanks with plenty of hiding spaces, swimming room, and a good amount of flow. This is a very beautiful fish, but it really should be left to someone with a very large tank and a lot of experience, as most just don’t make it.