Wartskin Angler

Fish Type: Angler

Scientific Name: Antennarius maculatus

Species: Antennariidae

Color: pink, white, yellow
Aggressiveness: Non-Aggressive
Diet: Carnivore
Max Size: 4"
Minimum Tank Size: 20 gal
Relative Care: Medium
Photo Courtesy of Live Aquaria

Color highly variable including white, yellow and black, pale with reddish saddles at front of dorsal fin and on caudal peduncle, also dark (whitish or grey in dark fish) triangular marking with elongated apex of triangle ending at eye. Should provide live food in the beginning and can be trained to take prepared meaty food on a stick. A passive and hardy fish that does not require frequent feeding. In fact, overfeeding is not recommended as they will stop eating. Can be kept in a species only tank or a reef tank, as long as other tank mates are bigger than the angler.

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