Banana Moray Eel

Fish Type: Eels

Scientific Name: Gymnothorax milaris

Species: Muraenidae

Color: yellow, black
Aggressiveness: Highly Aggressive
Diet: Carnivore
Max Size: 24"
Minimum Tank Size: 125 gal
Relative Care: Medium
Photo Courtesy of Live Aquaria

The Golden Banana Moray Eel comes from the reefs off of the coast of South America and can attain a length of up to 2 feet in the wild. Its coloration is a stunning yellow, and its body is thick and muscular like most morays. This is the same species as the Fire Coral Eel, but in its very rare yellow form.

Typically, the Golden Banana Moray Eel is available as a juvenile, only a foot or so long. The Golden Moray Eel is also an escape artist, and will try to go through any small opening in the lid of the aquarium. Given these characteristics, and the fact it can inflict severe bites, the Golden Moray Eel should not be kept by most aquarists.

The diet of the Golden Moray Eel should include live fish and all meaty foods.

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