Emperor Angelfish

Fish Type: Large Angel

Scientific Name: Pomacanthus imperator

Species: Pomacanthidae

Color: blue, white, yellow, black
Aggressiveness: Caution Needed
Diet: Omnivore
Max Size: 15"
Minimum Tank Size: 225
Relative Care: Moderate
Photo Courtesy of Felicia McCaulley

The Emperor Angelfish is one of the most striking aquarium fish. It has contrasting white, blue, and black circular and vertical bands and spots when a juvenile, but completely changes its coloration as it ages. Adults have horizontal blue and yellow bands, yellow or orange tail, ocher head and black mask. These large fish do well with other large, semi-aggressive species in a very large aquarium. They love to eat clams and may damage or eat most LPS and soft corals. Some hobbyists keep SPS corals or toxic corals like Palythoa with Emperor Angelfish with success. Vary the diet of the Emperor Angelfish ensuring a balance of seaweeds, shrimp, clams, urchins, etc. Commercial angelfish preparations are a good staple diet.

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