This is a group of angels that get very large and, for the most part, aren’t reef safe. Although a number of people have been able to keep them in reef tanks, most will pick at corals, clams, and worms in the tank, so if you introduce one into your reef tank, they need to be carefully watched. For the most part they do very well in FO or FOWLR tanks, but they need tanks that are at least 6 feet or larger. They need to be fed a large amount of greens and meaty foods which will put a heavy load on a filtration system. Korans do very well and they’re the least aggressive among the larger angels; they’re actually on the shy side. Small juveniles can easily be placed in small tanks but a 6′ tank is usually needed, as they do grow quite large. They may pick on corals, so if one is placed in a reef tank, they need to be watched. They usually get along with other large angels as they don’t need to be the dominate angel in the tank.

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