Molly Miller Blenny


Scientific Name: Scartella cristata
Family: Blenniidae
Color: tan, green

Fish Care

Fish Diet: Omnivore
Aggressiveness: Non-Aggressive
Reef Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons
Max Size: 4.5"
Relative Care: Easy


The Molly Miller Blenny may not be the most attractive fish, but it could possibly be the most useful reef aquarium clean up fish. They’re peaceful and reef safe, they can live in groups of multiple Molly Miller Blennies, they’re hardy and boisterous, and they eat microalgae and Aiptasia. Yes, they eat Aiptasia. It’s easy to misidentify true Molly Miller Blennies, so be careful when buying if you are choosing them for their Aiptasia eating. The best news is, these have been bred in captivity and captive bred groups are often sold in stores. They’re sexually dimorphic, but it helps to look closely and have a group in front of you to compare. Mature males have red cirri on the top of their heads.