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Powder Blue Tangs are reef safe, but they don’t usually do well and there tends to be a lot of deaths along the way. Most Powder Blues arrive in bad shape and have a number of problems that should be looked at carefully before purchasing one. Things to look for: consistently moving their eyes back and forth and constantly swimming in circles. Sometimes the fish will come out of this but most times they will not and will die eventually. Also look for signs of ich or marine velvet as Powder Blues are very prone to both. Also, Power Blue tangs can be very high strung and attack all the other fish in the tank; often times this will lead to the Powder Blue being overly stressed and eventually dying. Powder Blue Tangs need good sized tanks; at least 75 gallons; and plenty of space to move around it. Some get along with other tangs but for the most part Powder Blues are very aggressive and it’s best to keep them without any other tangs, as adding others tangs is always risky. Even if you get a good one, they usually don’t have long life spans, some living for only 3-5 years. House of Fins

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