This is a group of angels that can be placed in a reef tank, but there is a good chance of them picking on corals. Because they get large in size, they need to be placed in larger reef tanks or large FOWLR tanks. They’re pretty hardy and usually live for quite some time. They should be fed mysis shrimp, flake, nori and formula food. It is hard to get to the Regal Angel to eat and even when it starts to eat, it doesn’t always make it. They will eat zooplankton and may pick at soft corals, so you need to take that into account when placing it in a reef tank. They are very shy and need to be given places to hide and tank mates that aren’t too aggressive. Regals from the Red Sea seem to do better, but it’s still a very hard fish to keep and most, even from the Red Sea, usually don’t make it.

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