Shepardi Angel

Fish Type: Pygmy Angel

Scientific Name: Centropyge shepardi


Aggressiveness: With Same Species
Diet: omnivore
Max Size: 3.5"
Minimum Tank Size: 55gal
Relative Care: intermediate
Photo Courtesy of Zoa Collector

The Shepardi Angelfish adapts fairly well to captivity and is one of the few Centropyge Angelfish with color differences between males and females. The males have darker, more distinct margining and a blue patch behind their gill plates. They will do best in an aquarium utilizing live rock for filtration or decoration. They may pick at stony and soft corals but their main diet is algae. The only reason they would bother with coral is if they are under fed and try to get to the zooxanthellae in the coral tissue. They are not considered very aggressive and may be picked on by other fish.

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