Tessalata Eel

Fish Type: Eels

Scientific Name: Gymnothorax favagineus

Species: Muraenidae

Color: black, yellow, white
Aggressiveness: Caution Needed
Diet: Carnivore
Max Size: 5' 10"
Minimum Tank Size: 180 gal
Relative Care: Easy
Photo Courtesy of Live Aquaria

The Tessalata Eel, also known as the Honeycomb Moray Eel or Leopard Eel, has a light colored body and especially attractive, dark honeycomb markings.

Being one of the larger eels, the Tessalata Eel requires a 180 gallon or larger aquarium with numerous rock crevices for hiding and a secure, tight-fitting lid to discourage its escape.

The Tessalata Eel’s diet should include sizeable portions of live feeder fish, octopus, and squid. The Tessalate Eel may be kept in a reef aquarium, but will eat smaller fish and cephlapods.

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