Largest private reef tank in North America

greg 45

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bayonne / nj
This is sad for me to see !!!!
On another forum Bill gets bashed so bad it hurts
I owned one of his skimmers years ago
The man statred with nothing and is pretty well off now
Some of the comments are down right rude
If you were to meet him face to face you would never say that


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That is amazing!! AWESOME job on the design and everything he made. Wish I had half of his knowledge.

Sadly the ones bashing him, are envious of him. We all start at the bottom in life and its up to us to make it to the top!

He didn't get that far in life by depending on others and being a lump on a log. He worked hard and earned it!


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This guy is a true renegade we all know how people are once someone doing something different they quick to criticize