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  • Great meeting you today. The frags I picked up are all looking very nice and your tank was one of the nicest I've seen, in person. Loved how clean, classy and neat everything is and your philosophy about keeoing hands out and dipping everything that goes in. Thanks for having me over. Won't be the last time.
    HI David,
    Great seeing you on Sunday!!! Thanks for your help!! I will be in touch, for sure, now that I know we share this crazy hobby!!! LOL!!!
    ~Margie G.
    great looking corals. Will buy again. thanks
    I can use these??/

    I'll pay for shipping and paypal fee. If your willing to ship them to me..

    David here's the material list
    2-10"x2"x12' for Ledger
    4-6"x2"x12' for cross joists
    12-6"x2"x16' for joists
    6-6"x6" post
    10-4"x4" post
    48-6"x1"x12' decking
    1-2"x5"x12' rail
    1-2"x5"x16' rail
    6-post bracket for 6"x6"
    18-single joist hanger
    6-double joist hanger
    4- bundle of 1"x1" post
    misc lag screws,bolts,nails
    hello , i heard your the person to ask , can i mix a male swallowtail with a male bellus in a 210 reef?
    thanks for your help
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