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Livonia, Mi
I know we have some Goldeneye frags, I'll check on the Tyree red watermelon and the Original Watermelon...


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New York
Anyone?The prices on these are bit on the high side.I can do 75.00 and that's it.
You want it you have to pay!That's the way it goes.Add another 75$ to the 75$ you want to spend and you might get an eye.
You just might get lucky if someone is despertate to sell but considering that chalices are hot right now and take forever to grow I highly doubt you will find anything for that price even for a watermelon without lineage! Lineaged watermelons have been selling for 2bills for years.
Most chalice owners with nice pieces usually trade for equally nice chalices and if they do buy because they must have it believe you me they worked hard in order to come up with $ to pay for it.
If you don't believe me on pricing check online vendors and other reef sites.When you see the prices I guarantee you will wish you won the lotto.
So dig deep and goodluck
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