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Ok I am using a Vertex RX-4 Calcium reactor I set up about 1-2 weeks ago and I have a steady Alk of 9.3 for about the last 4 days of testing but my Calcium keeps dropping it was 375 and now its 355 thats after 4 days. What should I do? Im not sure if the Calcium will increase and its just the reactor breaking in or do Add Calcium to the tank?


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Cal is a little out of balance vs alk. Hand dose the calcium back up to a normal level.
Balancing is done with hand dosing. Maintaining the level is the cal reactor.

What reactor media are you using? I have no issues with ARM course.


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Hehe i only knew this because i made the same error like 5 times and looked it up just yesterday to make sure i had it right helping out TommyP :)