ALK chemistry + math question


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My current 30g cube needs around 8ml of BRS 2-part ALK per day. I just set up a dosing pump though it's primary use if for an ATO.

The pump adds 250ml water to the tank per day. Can I add 8ml ALK per 250ml of water in the top off reservoir and therefore get my 8ml ALK per day in the tank?

Therefore if the reservoir holds 1 liter to be given over 4 days and I add 32ml ALK to be given over those 4 days, does it equal close to my separate dosing?


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No that not the right way to dose and what u r going going to do about Cal and what ever else u decide to dose ??? U should use the doser to dose and get a ato


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Of course you can do it that way if you want to add just the Alk 2-part. But it goes like this

242 ml top off water + 8 ml Alk 2-part = 250 ml / day. If you added 8 ml to 250 ml you would have 258 ml day, raising your water level to high in time unless you made manual adjustments. But it is better to have dosers and a ATO.

As duds pointed out what are you going to do about the Calcium or other sups. You could add all the sup through the ATO but NOT till you know what the concentration is of the components that are going to make up the sups being add, to give a total final of that 250 ml added for that 250 ml evaporation rate.