Silica in my water -


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I've had my struggles with water parameters for a bit but all seems to be good now -
except Silica.

Ammonia zero
Nitrite 0.008
Nitrate 0.9
PO4 0.01
Silica 2.3
Potassium 447
Ionic Calcium 164
Strontium 6.9
Magnesium 1340
Iodine 0,05
Copper (CU) 0.06
Alk 2.8 meg/L (
Total CA 445

I run a 4 stage RO/DI with two membranes and a booster pump - and I show 0 TDS on my output. Using ESV salts.

Where does this silica come from?
What does it do that is detrimental?
How can I lower it? (BRS says to add another DI canister to my RO/DI output line)



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Are you sure it's from your water? Did you test for silica from the tap/RODI? It could possibly come from substrate, what kind of sand are you using?


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THank you both. I've been testing the Silica (I use the Aquamedic testing service) and it's gone up and down, so I think it must be in the water. I don't use any ceramic noodles. And I tested a fresh batch of ESV water a few weeks ago, and it had some silica in it. .4 - on november 15th

See the attached graph showing my Silica over time - Could it be my DI resin is just SHOT??



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To Jamesmost, I use a service (kinda expensive) to test my water (because I had some issues way back). So one of the things in their testing is Silica.

From their web-site:
Silica (Sio2-3)
Natural Seawater Value: 0.040mg/L Acceptable Range: 0 - 0.5 mg/L Tested Result: 2.3 mg/L
(HIGH) Your silica level is too high. We recommend that you use a silica specific R/O membrane in addition to deionization resin for your make-up/top-off water. You may also use a commercially available phosphate absorber, as these will also remove some silicate. Silicate is required by many types of sponges for growth/reproduction, but will also encourage brown diatom algae growth. Any level above 0.3 mg/L may cause a diatom bloom in the aquarium.

Aquamedic water testing!

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