Looking for Someone to Test My Water

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Looking for someone in Staten Island or Brooklyn to test my water?s ALK, CA, and Mag. I don?t regularly test my water for this but would like to know where I am and determine if I need to start dosing or I?m ok with just my Tropic Marine water changes. I?m willing to pay if you already have the necessary test kits for the one time test.



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You might spend $50 max for all 3 kits Salifert brand from Amazon. These levels fluctuate quickly so a single test isn't good for very long.

nyc reefer

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Water Testing

Thanks, at this point don?t really think I need to buy the test kits. Just trying to get a reading to determine whether I?m fine with just the routine water changes I?m making or do I need to supplement by dosing a two part regiment.


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One test really isnt a good picture of what your parameters really are. Your readings right after a water change and the readings right before the next water change can swing drastically...dosing without knowing how much they change is like dosing blindly.

Spend the few bucks and get the kits.

You'll make up the money in the time you save trying to find someone to test for you and then dragging yourself over to their house.
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How will you know if your dosing to little or to much?

If you plan on staying in this hobby test kits are a good investment.

My 2 cents...

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