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Hello Reefers,

Little about my tank and myself, I own 800 gallon tank with 300 gallon sump, I am currently using 6 mp60 for as wave makers and pumps are great and move ton of water but having to keep spare and wetside impellers and magnets issue are just too much sometimes, I was thinking about cutting down on Mp60 and looking for something that can give me equal if not more flow with less pumps in the tank, I came across Abyzz AFC150 model which does ~14000 gallons/ hour and they use thruster to move the water, size is little on large size and price is up there as well, I came across thruster that is made for sea water and it moves water, when I say move water it really can, attached is the picture of the thruster and specs are mentioned below, I bought 1 thruster and kit that comes with everything except the power supply, I had someone 3d print me the cage and mounting cup and bought magnets that I sealed with clear epoxy to prevent these magnets get in contact with saltwater, magnets are impressive and hold very strong 3/4" glass, I can control the speed of the thruster via knob and same knob can be used to reverse the impeller that will thruster pull water from front, It has been running in my display tank for week continuously and I will keep it going just to test it out. Just wanted to share this experiment with you all and I am not sure if someone already using these thruster as their wave maker, there are many choices and may power thrusters, but finding that can tolerate saltwater are very few that are reputable USA companies that make them, feel free to chime in with suggestions etc.

Performance Maximum Forward Thrust @ 16V 5.1 kgf 11.2 lbf Maximum Reverse Thrust @ 16V 4.1 kgf 9.0 lbf
Maximum Forward Thrust @ 12V 3.55 kgf 7.8 lbf
Maximum Reverse Thrust @ 12V 3.0 kgf 6.6 lbf
Minimum Thrust 0.01 kgf 0.02 lbf
Rotational Speed 300-3800 rev/min


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