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  • Hi, before you set up the rest of your tank. You are more than welcome to see my step-up and I can show how difficult it could be to work in front of the tank. Every day I say I wish I have front access.
    Hi Ravi,
    Interested in one of the barrels, do you still have them? Please text me at 631.901.5376

    The pump has its own timer you can set it to like 3ml an hr every 20hrs or 24hrs or what ever you would like and it will dose the 3ml in an hr for x amount of hours then stop and do it again for what ever you put like say 24 or 12 hrs what ever you would like
    I think you can use it to turn off and on with a timer so long as you remove the battery and yes I was using them as a 2 part doser
    $300 for both plus I have maybe 15-20 tubes for it and no it is not modified it also has a battery back up just in case you loose power to your tank it will still feed the corals
    I do have a set of medical grade pump they are really high end stuff it pump 1-400 mls per hr and can flush the tube to keep it clean the name of the pumps are call epump kangaroo look them up and let me know if you are interested
    No, i stopped collecting the larvae since I'm trying to minimize the fish for winter. All the babies are growing big to retail size now.
    Really nice meeting you today Ravi. Pleasure. Light looks like it will work out just fine. I will be hitting you up for the LED info soon!

    Thanks again Bud!

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