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So, some time ago I decided to change my 100g reef to a FOWLR. With that said, a 400w MH was way over kill and I hated the way my canopy look anyway.

I was looking through the RC Forums for a used fixture and came across a few LED threads and figured... this would look cool over my tank and would be cheaper than buying a new one. (~$250)

So I started talking to a few peeps here and there and came across http://www.rapidled.com/servlet/the-36/12-Premium-LED-DIY/Detail +4 more LED's and dimmable driver

WOW. that's kind of cheap.

I then order an 8X8 heat sink from HeatsinkUSA.com.

took a run the radio shack and Home depot.... and this is the mess I came home with:


I drilled and tapped 16 holes, mounted the LEDs, and wired them as well:






Using Hard red wood, I made a box and mounted everything:


In the above Pic, you can see and BB charger. I was going to use this with a POT. (Knob for volume controls) to dim the LED's but liked the look at a full 1amp. So, I just wired it without the Pot

Cut and painted acrylic:


and fired it up:


It's running 8 Royal blue and 8 cool white 3w LEDs per driver.



Next steps:
Route out all the edges
Stain & Finish
Change mounting rope to steel cable

Let me know what you guys think.


Advanced Reefer
Long Island
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so Hov Pointed out how SUCKIE my write up is... thx bud :rolleyes:
We then had a nice Q&A on RG that i thought would be good for this thread:

JHOV2324 - 03:32 PM : tio ur write up on that thread sucks though
Thx bud....
JHOV2324 - 03:33 PM : what gauge wire? what are those things u screwed into heat sink
latino277 - 03:33 PM : the screws are just to hold the leds in place.
The kit came with thermal Paste, the thing with that is if one LED goes bad... have fun getting it off.
latino277 - 03:33 PM : 18g wire
JHOV2324 - 03:34 PM : what did u plug them into? lol
latino277 - 03:35 PM : soldered them in Thx for the spelling correction Deem
JHOV2324 - 03:37 PM : what are those white boxes? Drivers?
latino277 - 03:38 PM : yup
Mean Well ELN-60-48D dimmable driver to be exact
JHOV2324 - 03:40 PM : the fan is wired into the driver?
latino277 - 03:48 PM : power cord.. sorry
JHOV2324 - 03:48 PM : what is that black casing with the board in it?
latino277 - 03:49 PM : so that is a chopped up BB charger that allows me to dim the leds
JHOV2324 - 03:49 PM : BB= Blackberry?
latino277 - 03:50 PM : yup
JHOV2324 - 03:50 PM : now how the eff does that work? :irked: potty mouth
latino277 - 03:51 PM : so the driver uses the voltage to dim the led's 0 volt = off 10 volt = full on
latino277 - 03:52 PM : so on one of the leads from the bb you add a pot (dimming controler like you see for home lights) and the other end to the driver



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So what was the cost and where did you get the wiring diagram to wire it all up? and did you need buckpucks or any stuff like that? and why the heat sink do they really get that hot?

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