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i've been given prices of $5.44 per xpg white and xpe royal blues (i will be ordering a lot!) and found the meanwell drivers for sale @ <$27 (on back order). you have the option to use aluminum from home depot (look through the RC threads for more specific info) although i would personally stick to the heat sinks (overkill).


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:eek: I've only built one and already helping peeps with thier builds :lol2:

so, I would create 3 panels (assuming you have two center braces)
try these for a heat sink http://www.heatsinkusa.com/storename/heatsinkusa/ViewDept-263913-2.aspx

as far as How many LED's... 24 -36 would work
24 dimmable -> http://www.rapidled.com/servlet/the-54/24-Ultra-Premium-LED/Detail

36 Dimmable -> http://www.rapidled.com/servlet/the-58/36-Ultra-Premium-LED/Detail

24 non dimmable -> http://www.rapidled.com/servlet/the-53/24-Ultra-Premium-LED/Detail
36 Non dimmable -> http://www.rapidled.com/servlet/the-24/36-Premium-LED-Do-dsh-It-dsh-Yourself/Detail

24-36 per panel or total? No way 36 LEDs total will light a 72" tank that's 30" deep successfully.

You'll also need pretty tight optics to get enough punch to reach 24-30 deep into the tank. A mix SPS/Softie tank of that size should run about 120 LEDs. 36 on each heatsink is the best option.
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