Klir Fleece Filter


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Hey guys,

Can you please write some reviews on the klir filter?
Have you been happy with it?
Theyre great until you get a snag and sometimes a torn segment in the roll which means you need to waste 12" or so of roll to make sure the hole doesnt impact the filtering.

Overall the klir roller is great option for my sump which I custom built with 2x 4" filter sock holes. I ended up purchasing a second klir roller to run as a slave unit as well.

If my sump supported it, I probably would go with the clarisea roller if I did it again. My friend has one of those and they seem to work more reliably with less snagging and easier roll changes.

nyc reefer

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Question for anyone who can help, I have a Klir 4” in my sump when it works it’s wonderful but about once a week my fleece will stop rolling up. I have noticed it becomes very tight until it snaps and if I don’t check it I won’t know until it’s been like that for days. Why does it stop rolling up smoothly? I have cleaned it thoroughly and made sure my rollers are free and clear of any debris. Help me!!!!