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Angelfish Anatomy I've had people ask what the different parts of an Angelfish are called. We have even joked around about the ventrals being called "hangy down thingies". So for those that are confused as to what the body parts are called on an Angelfish, this should help.

I could add to this as far as where the lateral line is on an Angelfish. It starts a little above the eye and runs down the side of the fish in the area where the first horizontal line is on the fish in this drawing.

I think we all know where the fish's gills and mouth are.

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i have a flaming angel w/ my Blue face in a 120gl. no problems. I had the blueface first before i added the flame angel. You regal is the more docile of the 2 fish, so i don't see a problem, but remember it's a hit or miss with the angles.

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Well i might buy it later and keep my fingers crossed .. will let you know the outcome and hopefully some pics.

Thanks for the replies

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