my new little nano 1r gallon


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long island ny
got this on a trade with a member here thanks mark and your wife and my wife let me put it in the living room ha ha ha
i am really starting to like the freshwater planted tank look
so here we go
i got a frog today thats really cool



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Bridgewater, NJ
Looks like Water Sprite, a Narrow Leaf Chain Sword, a Ludwigia (maybe?) and some kind of Rotala for the puffy one in the back? Nice little Glo Light Tetras too. Is that 1 gallon? 20 Neons look like it would be too much for that tank. Looking really good!


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New York, NY
Looking good.
Maybe you can try to find green neon tetras (similar to regular neons but only grows to about an inch or less.)
Can probably fit in around 15 in there for a schooling effect.
Not ideal but you just have to keep up with having water quality stable to make it work.
A bit hard to find as it took me quite a while to track green neons down here in NYC and just got them by accident.
Even the store owner didn't know he has them mixed with his cardinals.

Maybe you can spread out the dwarf chain sword so it can grow and cover the front of the tank faster.
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