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I had the same problem. When you sign in then it works as it should.
Nice prices when they have a sale and free shipping!


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It worked today for me......thanks. USAVE15....did you try all caps?

I actually called them up and they said I already used that code in the past which is why it was unable to be used again on my account. So I made a new account and used it :)

but unfortunately, my shipment which was supposed to arrive today got stuck in Kentucky and wont be arriving until tomorrow. So hopefully there isnt too much loss.


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Memorial Day Sale (8/28-8/29)

Use code MD20SALE and save 20% on orders $199 and up.

Details: Use Promo Code MD20SALE during checkout to see savings. 20% OFF merchandise only. Offer valid on qualifying orders through Tuesday, May 29, 2018 @ 11:59 pm [CT]. One-time use only. Not valid in combination with any other offers. Excludes gift certificate purchases and items with manufacturer-set pricing, including brands: AquaIllumination, EcoTech Marine, Neptune, Reef Octopus, Coralvue, Coral Rx, Red Sea, Giesemann, Maxspect, and Icecap.

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