Shoutout! Absolute shoutout to REEF TRENDS!!! Read!


Manhattan Reefs
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New York
Just moved from queens to eastern Long Island. Allen and Dave helped me break down and setup a 65 and 120 gallon. They ALSO literally helped me move all furniture and everything else that goes with moving. Literally they spent with me a total of 28 hours!!! It was an unreal move and they each went way beyond what I would expect from family. Absolute gentlemen. Without their help I would of been severely screwed. Took multiple trips with Uhaul and the weight of tanks and furniture was extreme. We were all exhausted so bad that Allen is literally coming out again today to complete the 120 as we were fried and couldn’t even think straight. The money they wanted didn’t match the effort or time they gave me (low). I had to upgrade the pay scale otherwise I would have taken advantage of them.

Brothers, you need anything and I mean anything and you got it.

Thanks again!

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