Treating Lion Fish breathing above water


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Large lion fish that has for the past 3 weeks swims to the surface and appears to gulp air and then retreats and swims for a while before doing same action. About 5 years old and very healthy eater, skin and fins, eyes all look very healthy. Small number of fish in 400 gallon tank with good filtration. I'm thinking flukes but can they be treated in a fresh water bath if gills are infested with them?


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Have you added any now fish that could have brought flukes?

I’ve seen lions do similar things looking for food
If the fish has been around for 5 yrs it probably knows where you feed it
Is that where the fish is coming up to the top?


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hmm, good point mellowtang, can simply be behavior, if hes OK, no need to do anything about it. In the past, I've trained a betta fighting fish, to hop out of water to eat from my finger.
If there are parasites present, it would have had to be introduced, (new fish or fresh seafood?)
and if present, wouldn't a cleaner shrimp be helpful?