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Teaneck, NJ
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Just got a marine battery with power inverter to keep tanks warm and circulating in case of outage; been meaning to do so for a while but the storm has pushed me over the edge.


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What kind of ups are you using? I am looking at one at costco for like $50. The only thing is that it said that it could power something for only 4hours max. I am not sure if I can just run a powerhead for longer than that.

A UPS can run longer than 4 hrs, or shorter. It all depends upon the load you're putting on the UPS. If you're reading a box at Costco, the advertisement might be for powering a desktop computer. Running a low load powerhead could actually last 8-10 hrs compared to the load listed on the box. Compare the wattage listed on the box to wattage you'll be using it for.

I will say this, a $50 UPS is very cheap and most likely won't offer you much run time. You will get what you pay for with regard to battery life/durability.



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Westchester, NY
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Not sure if anyone has looked, Cabela's hhas generators in stock. Bang in from work tomorrow and take a ride to PA pick up a generator and then take a ride back. They have a great restaurant in the store and lots of other goodies as well.


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Bergen Co
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Could someone kindly confirm my theory on a UPS Purchase and see if my math makes sense.

Am planning on purchasing a UPS of approx. 325W and 550VA and I am hoping only to run a Simple K1 powerhead if the power does go out.

So 550VA * .06 = 330 available watts
330 available watts / 4 watt K1 load = 82.5 run time....

Does this seems right??


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Just incase anyone doesn't have a battery powered air pump yet (shame on you!:joke:) or their's is broken, I was just in West Marine (in Patchogue) and they had plenty in stock for $11.99 each (includes about 18 or so inches of airline tubing and a small airstone.) The one I had from when I started the hobby is on the fritz, so I picked up an extra two today. Better safe than sorry!


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Bay Ridge
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just picked up a battery operated air pump but now i can't find batteries any where just my luck? will one of these pumps even help that much my tank is only 57 gallons but don't i need flow?
rite aid have all kinds of batteries , flow would be good but with out the air pump your fish will be dead with in 10 hours or so


Mt Sinai, NY
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I missed the shipping deadline to get a Vortech back-up.

Here is my back-up.

H plug fused dc cord. Then connected to the battery out of my boat (115ah). Also can power by Powerbrite led off the battery.

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