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Any comments or concerns about these skimmers? It has been up for at least a year. What pumps and skimmer model are you running?

I very interested in buying one, but I just don't want to get burned again. Currently running a Octopus and there is so much as in modification to make it run right. I had no idea about that until after I bought it.

Does the Bermuda need to be modified? Tried to do a search, but nothing really came up.


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We currently run Bermuda Aquatics skimmers on our sps propagation trough (BPS-8C). We also run the BPS-5C on our fish, LPS, softy system. And we run the old style Archipelago on one of my nano tanks. The Archipelago has recently been restyled to what's now called the Rogue.

These skimmers are built with quality and efficiency. They pull out tons of nasty skimmate. You are welcome to see them in action. We've got them running at House of Fish South (Jim's), and my place too (HOT).

We like the Sedra pumps on them. The Mags run very well and are dependable too. They run great. Quite a few MR members are now using them and we've had nothing but accolades about them.

We have not seen one instance where any modifications were necessary.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to shout out. Hopefully some of the current MR users will chime in also.


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