The Great Rupert AKA AM

My friend told me if I get the clam it could help clean up the nitrates I have. if it's not to let please let me know. If not it's totaly cool. :cool:
Can we agree on a time window? I won't be able to stay at my apartment all day. After a certain time I will probably have to acclimate any frags that haven't been picked up and you can get them the next week after 5:00.

Let me know what you all think.

I suggest 12-3 or 4 if that works for everyone.

It would be nice if everyone came during the same 2 hour window so we can all meet.


House of Laughter

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Ossining, NY

I think all you'll need to do is Paypal Patrick at spsfrags.com your money and he will include your clam in the order.

Shipping will be handled seperately than the order from Patrick so, you shoul paypal him $16.20 for the clam and plan to bring $12 cash with you the day of pick up!

Let me know if you need a ride down.


The Great Rupert AKA AM

I realized I juyst don't have enough space for the clam to move around in.i really don't want to get another animal that may die.


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Queens, NY
Just so everyone knows. Both groups buys from Manhattan Reef will be meeting together on 2/8 at Josh's place. So, if you're interested in stuff from either TheLogicalReef.com or SPSFrags.com, you should order now!

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