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Originally posted by SWW1268:
The corals heard you! They're in 2 boxes on their way to Josh's place.

First I didn't say anything. I have been told i can at times be loud, and if I made the loudest sound I could make the coral couldn't hear me if it had the most sensitive ears in the world it couldn't hear me. it does have ANY ears infact so it couldn't have heard anything and it right now all the frags are 2-4 feet away from me and the most they could get from thuis message is the vibrations on my keyboard.

You see, I sent them a message, not a sound.

for instance if I sent you a package that contained a dead fish wrapped up in my vest.

you would think that

1. still hasn't returned my god father boxed set
B. was killed by the mod and somehow I am his closest friend
III. my friend is a closet wierdo
d. is known by all to be a weirdo
00000100. trained a fish to host his vest?
ph. is already done with spring and has moved on to summer

6.. is the anti matter of metaphysics

7. in my dreams again? rats! I'm out of clean pajamas.

octo. must have cold pods

x=root(3,(giovani.GetDuck/2));n=x^x; should know everyone stopped reading by the time he started lecuring on coral not having ears.

2.doesn't use a search filter.

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Rupert, I can give you the name of a doctor that might be able to help.

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Keep in mind - text is two dimesnional and if you read tone, you'll get tone.

ALL - great to meet all of you - wish there were something in the goody bag from ogical for me, but, next time.

Speaking of next time - keep your eyes out for a group order for clams - I am currently negotiating with clamsdirect.com - but will consider others.

Dallas - thanks a ton for the shrooms, you can see them in my gallery here

Chris, I got mine (I wanted to make sure yours were right as well, since they weren't open - let me know

Thanks again all.

The Great Rupert AKA AM

I had you guys figured for a bunch of kooks, but you came out in the end for me. I wish I could leatn more than one new name at a time. seriously I am really bad with names. all the proformance enhancing drugs I take to make me an olimpic curling star has left me a fewside effects.

If everyone can tell me what they gave me so if I can't trade back I can leave you somthing in my will.

I know dallas gave me the smorgasbord frags.
I think josh have me a really cool leather and somthing else I forgot.
somone else gave me a shroom he said would get color when it wasn't stressed. he was right AND HOW!
giavoni practicly have me stuff at the price he wanted.

also josh made my brother and my days when I found out ali g is comming to america (finaly) "I have three words for you, keep it real. everybody knows it isn't a real word. it's just short for innit, innit."

see that's funny because "innit" is actualy short for "isn't it" or "aren't it." but see, isn't is short for "is not".


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Hay d00dz, Whats this thread all about?

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