Advanced Reefer
Tobyhanna, PA
Chris, I'm very glad to hear about your nudi's! Thanks for giving the information of where to get them. Oh, thanks for the apastia...LOL

Everyone here who participated in the GB, thanks...it seem it went well for all, and we manage to save money on the shipping, by getting Free shipping.

Jason, sorry you miss the GB! I'm going to attempt to breed these berghia's nudibranch and I will let you know in a few weeks on the progress.


Advanced Reefer
Cool, thanks man, I should of taken your advice at first but I didnt notice any except for that rock and took it out and broke that part of the rock and thought it was ok, guess I was wrong. Hope your attempt turns out because I will be in need of them, let me know cause I will need them soon.


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