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A RAPIDLED group buy has been setup below you will find all the information

1- Name of company/vendor goods RapidLed and the contact person is Mike

2- Orders will be placed directly with Rapid LED by emailing mike@rapidled.com and putting MANHATTAN REEF GROUP BUY in the subject line
3- Email Mike @ RapidLED with your order. After Mike receives your order He will issue a PayPal invoice to you.

4- Start and end date for ordering 1-1-11 Thru 1-08-11

5- Expected delivery date 1-20-11

6- Shipped from Rapid directly to you @ a cost of $6.00

7- Payments will be made directly to RapidLed using the PayPal invoice that was emailed to you after your order was placed. RapidLed is paying all PayPal fees.

8- Pricing
XP-G R5 Cool White: $6.25
XP-E Royal Blue: $5.60
XR-E Royal Blue: $5.25
Red: $5.00
XR-E lenses: $0.80
XP-G lenses: $0.80
ELN-60-48D: $27
ELN-60-48P: $25
PAR30 bulbs: $63
PAR38 bulbs: $79
4.25" x 9" - $10
4.25" x 16" - $20
4.25" x 23" - $28
4.25" x 23" (drilled/tapped for 24 LEDs) - $40
4.25" x 23" (drilled/tapped for 36 LEDs) - $48
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This is only 10% off group buy is more you order the more you get off this sucks not even worth it . You can call up your self and order this stuff and get all for the same price if you talk to them
The XP-E puts out about 20% more luminous flux (500 vs 425 @350mA) than the XR-E Royal Blue. Also, the footprint is different (the XP-E chip is much smaller) so the lens selection for the XP-E is more limited for the time being. We're working on getting a wider angled lens for the XP-E (70-80 degrees) but that won't be ready until sometime next month.
Here are some prices for heatsinks that will be included with the GB:

4.25" x 9" - $10
4.25" x 16" - $20
4.25" x 23" - $28
4.25" x 23" (drilled/tapped for 24 LEDs) - $40
4.25" x 23" (drilled/tapped for 36 LEDs) - $48

Those are the only heatsinks that will be included as part of the group buy.

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