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  • I will take an AB tang. mature preferred but juvi OK. can Pick up Thursday COD. I live in Elmont and I am an advanced fish keeper with a 350g FOWLER. I am 46, not some kid who wont show up. Steve 516 326 1133
    How much for a small frag of Pearlberry? Are you around this afternoon. I am interested in coming by, if the price is right. Thanks. Matt
    hey do you still have that vortec, cuz im totally interested
    Threw in a green with lime tips tabling. Its small but a fast grower. Also has great polyp extension.
    Hey there, I'm unable to reply directly via the site-wide "pager" because I don't have 10 posts yet...
    So, like my ad says, I'm trying to sell the whole lot for the next 48 hours, and on Sunday night, if no-one has offered to take the whole lot off my hands, I will part it out starting Sunday afternoon. So the soonest you could come pick up the Mag7 and the Filters would be Sunday mid-afternoon...
    Keep me posted, and I'll do the same.
    Hey what's up bro interested in the 90 gallon tank is it reef ready and do u have the stand and also I didn't see a price for it
    I'm interested in the LE Tub's Pink Jade . I can pick it up at the swap. My cell phone number is 631-831-5907. Let me know if it is still available.

    Haha I simply meant you are skimming the hell out of your tank. Based on what you have your tank has a very heavy bioload. Heavy skimming helps to reduce nutrients that make up toxic chemicals in the water before they form. Have you thought about getting a skimmer? I strongly suggest you do.
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