Getting Rid of Nuclear Green Paly's?


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About every 2 years I take out which ever rock they grow on.

Two years are up, I have a rock with 2 years worth of growth, probably should address it in the coming months.

I don't enjoy taking rock out, not as simple of a task as it sounds.

Is there anyone on this forum that has successfully decreased the population of nuclear paly's without taking rocks out?

I dont need to kill them all, never been able to, even after torching rocks and leaving them out overnight.

Would be great if there was a process by which say one could kill half a dozen when bored without taking the rock out, that would probably be an acceptable method of population control.


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You can used a syringe with lemon juice in it to kill the Nuclear green palys. You need to inject the lemon juice into base of the paly. Do not do the hole rock at one time and beware of palytoxin poisoning.


The All Powerful OZ
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I usually take a scissor and cut off the heads. This way I can keep the population down without them taking over areas of the tank.


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i have used kal paste to control unwanted palys.
use a small syringe and inject into each unwanted paly or zoa.

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I rather remove the rock and replace with a clean rock if there are no difficulties in the process! Injecting lemon or anything into your tank. Your tank is having no issue, everything is growing and living it's doing great! And God forbid that little drop of whatever you decided to use offset all day your most expensive coral die on you....say no more! I've learned what works for others not necessarily will work for you.

Why would anyone here kill corals? When we are trying to save them? If you have too much, contact a member here that would love to have them. Tell him or her to bring you a clean rock
It's Christmas it's a time of giving, not killing!

Reef Reaper

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I use dentist's tools (scraper, plaque remover,etc) to scrape them off the rocks and siphon everything that comes off the rock at the same time . I may try scissors made for freshwater plants from amano next but this system seems to work now.


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I may try boiling water if I an get my hands on a medical syringe, maybe kalk.

I thought about covering it up with other rocks but fear they would just grow over those smaller rocks.

Really don't want to have to take it out, figure, i have another 6 months before I actually have to remove canopy, remove corals, remove rock, kill palys, soak rock, put everything back together, simply makes for a lousy Saturday.

Some asked why kill them because I don't have a frag tank
  • Because the forum is "too advanced" most don't want beginner corals, regardless of how much they retail for
  • Because I have tried giving stuff away to only see it being resold
  • Because if someone truly wanted them and was going to keep them, they likely do not have a similarly shaped rock to exchange
  • Because I no longer have rocks laying around, have slowly sold, thrown out or given away things that simply collect dust

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