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I thought it would be cool to post pics of your skimmer in action so all our members can see it's performance to help make a decision on what skimmer is right for their needs. Please list a brief description of the skimmer and the pros and cons of its use.


post 1 2 MR2

post 3 DasBX-3
post 3 DasBX-3

post 4 ASM G4post 4 ASM G4

post 5 Deltec AP702,

post 6 ASM G6,

post 7 HAS 1000

post 12 HSA 250

post 15 Deltec MCE 600

post 27 ASM G3

post 29 Barr Aquatic SK4220

post 40 Etss Reef Devil

post 41 Aqua C Remora

post 42 Deltec replics

post 43 Aqua C EV 240

post 54 Lifereef VS3-24

post 60 Aqua C EV120

post 71 H+S A150-F2001

post 78 Euro-Reef CS5-2

post 87 ASM G3 with mod

post 88 Aqua C remora

post 90 Spykes special mod Coralife super skimmer

post 100 ETS 8000 *picture link broken*

post 102 ER Es5-2

post 105 sykes coralife super skimmer

post 112 ER Es5-3

post 126 ER ES5-3

post 129 H&S A110

post 130 Tunze 9005

post 134 SVS24

post 139 custom MRC Recirculating Beckett

post 160 cali's bubble king

post 161 cali's bar aquatic

post 176 Deltec ap600

post 196 H&S A110-2000

post 220 Kent Nautilus TE

post 242 Elos ns-1000

post 263 Bubble King 300 EXT

post 281 Euroreef CS-8

post 282 etss 500

post 300 PM Hot-1

post 355 Deltec 702

post 359 Deltec APF600

post 361 Coralife super skimmer 220

post 363 DAS BX-3

post 364 Red Sea Berlin TURBO SKIMMER hangon

post 386 Deltec 1004

post 379 Deltec AP702

post 380 Spykes Bubble King

post 395 bunch of deltec stuff

post 436 elos ns-1000 out of sump

post 457 Elos ns-1000 first pics

post 501 spsluva (travis) review of the bubble king

post 521 Elos ns-1000 update

post 542 DAS EX-2

post 612 DAS EX-2 Photo essay out of sump

Post 675 DAS BX-3 (jackson6745)

Post 685 DAS BX-1

Here is my MR-2 Dual beckett with a panworld 200PS pump running it. It's hard to say how much skimmate I get because I am always dialing it from wet to a dry foam (depending on how much i want my water polished). Running wet I get up to 60oz of light green water per day and I noticed improved water clarity. Running dry I will get about 20oz of brown/green skimmate in 2-3 days that smells the room like a dog turd in front of a fan.

Pros: Very powerful skimming that can be dialed from extremely dry to extremely wet, easy to clean, for the performance you get it is relatively cheap.

cons: noisy, uses a lot of electricity, and can de difficult to dial in at first.

I would only recommend this skimmer to the most dedicated hobbyists.


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DAS BX-3 (changed three pumps to aquabee 200/1)

I wanted a skimmer that is easy to use. I basically wanted plug and play. Its an insump skimmer. The collection cup holds almost a gallon of nog. Its extremely efficient and each pump can be dialed in individually so you can really get the consistency of skimmate that you want. DAS received a license from Deltec to produce their skimmers. Deltec has recently upgraded their needlewheels which are available to buy. Essentially you get a deltec at half the price. Honestly, I did not really notice a difference between the DAS and The Aquabee pumps. They both are eheims. So if you get a DAS skimmer dont even bother with the upgrade The reaction chamber is 8 inches wide and the collection cup is 11 inches wide.

Easy to use. Very efficient. No plumbing etc needed. It has additional chambers for carbon and also a filterpad. All water passing through the skimmer must exit through the carbon and filterpad. This is especially good if you are runninbg ozone. I have never seen a single micrbuble exiting the skimmer. Water level can be dialed in and the pads are very easily removed. The skimmer is fairly quiet given the three pumps.

The build quality of this thing is solid as hell. Its very easy to take apart for cleaning and absolutely every pice comes out so there are no nooks you cant reach.

Not the cheapest skimmer around, but worth it. The only reall drawback I can see is the size, but when you get a skimmer like this your tank will obviously be big enough and your sump can definitely handle the footprint.



There are more pictures of the skimmer in my gallery.


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here is my ASM G4 w /sedra 9000 pump.
I plan on doing the recirculation Mod on this skimmer when I upgrade to the 450 gal tank.

it's plug and play
affordable lot of skimmer for the dollar

in sump only
need to mod to have a sperate collection cup (it's not a hassle toempty cup)


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Deltec AP702:




Efficient, reliable, but too expensive...

Previous, ASMG-5 (modified to run recirculating):




For the money, the ASM is the best skimmer I have used...and I've used many.



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this is my euro reef cs8-2 with they so call Beta pump

thanks to Rich ....for making me get this monster

Pros : it work really well..thats 3 day skimmate in the pic above

Cons: To big

This skimmer put out some smelly stuff..but I was told to put Kalk in the waste cup and BINGO!!!! no more smelly house...
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Guys!! Descriptions - PROS - CONS. The point of this article is to help people understand the various skimmers we use and why we use them.
hye justin it looks nice

anyway the pros and cons of the hsa 1000

#1 beckett injector that creates a lot of turbulance and stands 3 1/2 tall to take out plenty of crap. good for up to a 1000 gallion tank.
#2 easy to adjust.
#3 more suitable for heavely stcked tanks

#4 comes with seperate waste chamber

#5 easy to take apart once you download the way from the website


needs adjustments all the time based on water evaporation and additions of water respectively

everyone has a different opinion on how to use it even the manufacturer that i spoke to who contradicts the instruction manuel given. LOL

needs a powerful pump that is at least 1000 gallions per hour and can be costly with the electric.


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deltec mce600
pros-easyset up plug and play , well made, energy eff.,quiet,very compact,compartment for carbon built into skimmer
cons- expensive
i have had quite a few skimmers euro, mtc they have all performed well with some tinkering with this skimmer there is nothing to do open the air set your cup for wet or dry skimming that is it


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More skimmers guys!!!! Jhale post that reef devil, Sting post the H+S, House post yours (forgot the name :D)
Little skimmer guys post as well......remoras, bakpaks, small ER's, seaclones...LOL
I am also really interested in seeing the new coralife skimmer if anybody runs one.

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