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  • If you have any rasberry limeades, blue hornet or 24k zoas, or WOW palys, I would love to buy them from you. let me know. thanks!
    Just got some frags from this member and have never seen such attention to detail in packing and shipping an order. Double bagged, heat pack, rubber bands, each frag attached to a styro block and insulated box!!! I am planning on buying from him again!!!
    Hi, where are you located in Brooklyn? is this coral good for beginner? Thanks
    I paid about 10 bucks a polyp in the days when they were 40 per. They are very slow growers and are one of the "smaller" zoos out there. I started with 7 polyps and it has taken a year to double that. They really are stunning true baby pink like in the pic. Should I frag them what you got to trade?
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