Coral Spotlight | Cynarina


Manhattan Reefs
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Denver, Colorado
Common names: Button coral, Cat?s eye

Difficulty level: Cynarina*is one of the more sensitive of the sand dwelling LPS corals. Extra care must be take to stabilize alkalinity and calcium.

Feeding: Cynarina is an aggressive eater which will consumer nearly any sized meat based foods able to fit on its oral disc.

Lighting: Lower lighting levels are acceptable for this sand dwelling species.

Waterflow: They may be housed in most flow conditions though time should be given when moving them into higher flow to allow the flesh to acclimate and fill properly.

Placement: Cynarina must be placed on a soft sand bed with enough room around it to open without being damaged on nearby rocks.

General: These are probably the best shape-shifter of all corals with the ability to make vast changes in their size and shape to fit conditions

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