Coral Spotlight | Galaxea


Manhattan Reefs
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Denver, Colorado
Common names: galaxea

Difficulty Level: Galaxea is slightly above beginner level but still very tolerant of most conditions.

Feeding: Galaxea has extremely good capture ability and the ability to consume large amounts of food. Feeding often will speed growth. Pellets are the easiest option.

Lighting (Level 3 to 5): Galaxea can adapt to a wide range of lighting but should be acclimated slowly to higher lighting conditions.

Water flow: Strong turbulent flow or wave motions are needed to keep galaxia clear of detritus and other debris.

Placement: Galaxea is extremely aggressive and has very long sweeper tentacles, so adequate space should be left around it.

General: Galaxea has an extremely fragile skeleton and should be handled with care. When fed properly it has the ability to grow rapidly and is easily fragged by cutting portions away

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