Coral Spotlight | Trachyphyllia Brain Coral


Manhattan Reefs
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Denver, Colorado

Common names: lobed braincoral, open brain coral

Difficulty Level: Trachyphyllia brains are generally very tolerant of most conditions, but stable alkalinity is important.

Feeding: Trachyphyllias have a very strong prey capture ability. They may be fed any meaty foods including pellets.

Lighting (Level 4 to 7): These corals prefer moderate lighting, but may be adapted to higher. Be sure to acclimate them when moving to higher light.

Water flow: Moderate to stronger water flow is ideal.

Placement: Trachyphyllia brains must be placed on the sand. They are aggressive corals with long sweeper tentacles, so be sure to leave ample space around them.

General: Stable alkalinity is a must with these corals and calcium above 400 is best to promote growth.

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