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  • hey man how you doing i bought a pacaso & a mandering from you at the swap i was wondering if you has any more pacaso clown with kind of the same markings? it was like a 'w' or a 's' on each side of the clown fish ???
    Looking for a led light for my 7.5 gallon cube 12X12 rimless tank. I have a Zoa , green torch and Xenia frags but want to add more. Not sure how much light I need, was told don't go by 4-5 watts per gallon when it's led lights, please help!

    I was told by a fellow reefer to ask you about this fixture made by your company, what I want to know is will one of these fixtures completely light a 24" L x 24" W x 20" H 50 gallon cube? I want to have the ability to grow some sps, I'm on a pretty tight budget because of the wife and a baby on the way. Please help me out.


    Heres the link:
    Hi, I sent you a text. I wasn't sure if you were too busy or didn't see it but I'm looking to start an sps, chalice and some zoas tank using a 26 gallon bow tank(24Lx15Wx21H) but do plan on upgrading it to a 36bow(30x15x21) I already have a 125lps and some sps with AIs and I want to seperate the tank. I was looking for a pricing on lighting for it with a full color spectrum, a remote control, dimmable but your lights probably already do that and what do you think of the wattage should be? Thanks Tom
    DIY LED Cichlid Tank Info and Cost

    I sent you an email as well but it in case you didn't get it, here's the shorter part of the email with some tweaks. Tried to send you a pm but says your inbox is full and I can see why. You seem to be very knowledgeable and you also seem to have access and knowledge as to where to get the parts I need.

    I'm Josh and I'm looking to upgrade my 55g (48"Lx12"Dx18" and or 20"H) Tanganyika Tank lighting. I have Tropheus/Ocellatus/Neo. Daffodils (like brichardi's). Don?t know if you know of those species, but mainly you just need to know that Tropheus are heavy algae grazers in the wild.

    I noticed in your DIY Party Forum/Post that you had diy setups you were selling for cheap that you wanted to get rid of, any of those still available?

    This is a fish only tank, the only thing I want to grow is nice green algae for my Tropheus to graze on and strong shimmer effect with good color balance (not too marine blue).

    Thanks for any help you can give!
    Hey... Thanks for your reply to my WTB/DIY lighting post... I'm interested in making a purchase but I have't the slightest idea about where to start. Can you point my in the right direction to do this right the first time. I am off from work on Friday and would like to start the process of upgrading my 24g nano. I'll continue searching your posts for more answers... Thanks again!

    would like to know the price on some LED's for my 40 Gallon reef ready tank is that possible? ill be attending the frag swap and would like to try and get a good deal, something good for both corals and fish....thanks
    Hey Wingo,

    Just wanted to say Thanks!
    The pieces I got from you are amazing and the knowledge you shared was definitely a plus.

    hello there,....i am interested in seeing or learning more about your items,....I currently have a need for a 26g bow front that is being lit w t5,...but would like some SHIMMER well,....also want to inquire about mr11's or 16's to fit in the fluval edge....its mostly just rock and fish no corals .....maybe some shrooms,....i went to kissena, yet they did not have anything of yours for the fluval,...any input would be appreciated,...(do they fit right into existing fluval Mr11 sockets?.
    Wingo, how much for a pair of small TR true percula? Same question except a pair of small onyx? Thanks!
    Hi Wingo,
    Any ETA on the arrival of the pre-ordered Actinic LEDs? - please PM me.

    Intrested in leds 48 inch i was actually looking ino illumagic i heard they came out with a secong generation any info on that or led in general
    Hi Wingo,

    I need some information regarding LED's. Do you have any contact Email address so that i can send my concerns.

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