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  1. Emergency Brittle Star Outbreak

    Update: Just an example of what I was able to collect from my sump from cleaning the filters and pumps. offdahooklikeoj is pending pickup. I tried collecting them last week, but they didn't survive roughly half a week in a container (not sure why). I'm guessing they're semi sensitive. Pickup...
  2. coming in tomorrow

    Just a quick shoutout to Harry for his expertise and care. Really puts the hobbyist first! Definitely no gouging going on, and extremely knowledgeable. Would recommend.
  3. Emergency Brittle Star Outbreak

    I have harlequin. They don't attack bristle stars, just asterina. And, Because they were spraying it from the top of their bodies. I believe poop comes out the bottom, from the mouth. Veni, would you like a sample ;)
  4. Emergency Brittle Star Outbreak

    That picture was only ONE of my corals in a 75G tank. So, I have literally thousands of bristle stars. Maybe if they come out again one day en masse, I'll take a video of them reproducing. Thanks all!
  5. Emergency Brittle Star Outbreak

    Well, they are all hidden in the rocks/crevasses now. It was pretty interesting though. Spectacular even. All of my corals were covered in brittle stars. All of them were competing to get to high elevation. Which I'm assuming something triggered it. I caught a few of them releasing sperm (like...
  6. Emergency Brittle Star Outbreak

    Do you have any idea how I got so many? I don't believe I'm over feeding at all. It is very difficult to take them out, but I can try.
  7. Emergency Brittle Star Outbreak

    I know in general some Brittle Stars are good for the tank. However, I just had this happen. I've never seen my tank OVERRUN with brittle stars. I think they're reproducing or something, which is obviously a problem. I'm not sure how starfish reproduce, but I witnessed some of them shooting...
  8. blue hornets and birdsnest

    PM on birdsnest
  9. Scoly -$40. Needs TLC

  10. Superbowl Give Away

    Jesus. First I have 2 office pools and 2 friend pools. Now I have to keep track of this also?!?! I LOVE TODAY! 1) 49ers 2) 27 (49ers) - 24 3) 17 (49ers) - 14 4) Ravens 5) 49ers 6) 1st quarter 7) Colin Kaepernick 8) God 9) Orange LPS Pack
  11. Brianx45 has a shop we in Brooklyn should know about!!!!

    This is awesome! A few years ago, this was already a fish store (same exact location). When they closed I was sad because they were gone, but it rose from ashes!
  12. Reef Angel Controller For Sale $100

    No to PM's? or no to me?
  13. Big Lion fish wanted!

  14. Acro/Pocci Colonies FS...

    Would love the pocci, but Hopewell is mighty far from Brooklyn.