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  1. WTB - 48x24 Stand

    Looking for a stand with length of 48 and depth 24 for a 80g tank (same dimensions as 120g). Please pm what you have, thanks.
  2. FS: AI Prime HD w/ Mount, IM Ghost Skimmer, IM Caddy, Neo-Therm 100w Heater (all new)

    These are all brand new in box: AI Prime HD (black) w/ Black Tank Mount - $200 IM Ghost Skimmer Desktop - $130 IM Custom Caddy Nano 20 - $20 Cobalt Neo-Therm 100w Heater - $35
  3. FS: 57g RR aquarium, stand, sump, rocks, 6 bulb T5 w/ 2x reefbrites

    For sale is an oceanic 57g reef ready aquarium (36x18x20) with stand and 20g sump for $150. Next up is a 36" Tech 6 bulb T5 light. It has two separate channels. There are two fans on the fixture but only one worked however my cats ate the power cord so I was running without and had no...
  4. Anyone in BK today and going back to LI?

    I am trying to help a friend out and get him some plumbing supplies. I am in Brooklyn (can meet anywhere) and he is in East Islip hoping to get these parts out near him. Figure it is worth a shot asking here or even in Manhattan if traffic isn't too bad.
  5. FS - BNIB Neptune DOS

    With these holidays and other expenses I could use the money so asking $250 firm. Would make a great gift for yourself or someone else. I am also willing to deliver within reason from Brooklyn. The box has never been opened and warranty is intact. Can provide receipt if needed.
  6. REMINDER - Winter Cleaning

    Just a quick reminder that as the weather gets colder it is a good time to do a general cleaning of your critical equipment. I got an emergency call last night that the return pump had failed on a mature tank. When I got over there the tank was pretty cold (since the heater is in the sump)...
  7. WTB - Pair of true perculas

    I am looking for a pair of true percula clownfish for a friend/client of mine. I just helped him re-setup his 110g in wall system. Really came out nicely I will post some pictures soon. I discussed with him picking out some nice clowns but he really likes the 'classic' true perc's. If anyone...
  8. FS - Chillers, light hanger and free plumbing

    I have 3 chillers for sale. - 1/4hp & 1/3hp Aqua Logic drop ins (will have to open to verify as they look identical) $200ea - Current USA 1/4hp (needs new compression fittings or plumbing parts from HD) $100 Conduit light hanger for 60 cube (could use new paint) $25 Return/Manifold FREE...
  9. Personal Update

    First I want to acknowledge what a great community and resource this site is. Thanks to Josh, all the great mods, sponsors and volunteers that make Manhattan Reefs possible. I came to NYC with only a limited introduction into this exciting hobby, and I have learned so much and met such...
  10. FS: Jecod CP-25 Cross-Flow Wave Pumps

    I have a couple of CP-25 pumps for sale. New in box just opened one up to compare to the CP-40 and take some pictures. Have a bunch of bills piling up and could really use the money. Please PM me if interested. $130ea, please PM if interested. Thanks.
  11. Jecod Cross-Flow Wavemaker (CP-25 vs CP-40)

    Got my CP-25's today :) Side by side with CP-40:
  12. Questions about incorporating a business

    I am looking for advice and/or experiences with incorporating a business. I am looking to setup an internet business where I will not be directly selling anything just providing a service. I am kind of a nomad and have property in several states so not sure the best way or place to do this...
  13. FS: Jecod CP-40 Cross-Flow Wave Pump

    I have the Jecod CP-40 Cross-Flow Wave Pump for sale. Price is $150 firm. In hand and can send pictures on request. Brand new in box.
  14. WTB - AquaC EV 180 Skimmer

    Looking to buy or trade I have an AquaC EV 120 or a number of other items like UV's, chillers, pumps etc.
  15. New Jebao "Gyre" Pumps *Confirmed*

    I saw reports that Jebao might be coming out with a gyre like pump. Well I just received confirmation that this is true. As I get more details I will provide them however for now that is all I have.