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  • hey man i think your inbox is full. Would you have the jbj stand available soon? i dont really care if theres water damage on the top. get back to me please
    Hey bro, your inbox is full. Couldn't respond back to you
    The 150 cube is mint. Lmk
    Im in central jersey and just started my tank a few months back... so far I have a small Ric colony and an Acan enchinata frag...

    Do you still have some free frags available? Also what kind?

    I would be very grateful!

    I live in Sayreville, NJ
    what time will you be in the city tomorrow? i have work at 6am in the city tomorrow. till the evening.
    Hello cmantis, I'm having some serious issues with this site. I made 2 post about 2 days ago and they still haven't shown up in the thread i had started. Do you have any idea why my post aren't showing up? or who can i contact to help me with this?
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